I joined ASUW Senate because I am very passionate about student advocacy and empowerment.

During my time as an ASUW Senator, I served as a Senate Liaison for the Student Safety Advisory Board where I've worked and collaborated with student leaders to improve campus safety through weekly open forums.

What stood out to me most during my time in Senate are the first-year undergraduate students. I'd like to especially express deep gratitude to Alex Davidson, Timothy Billing, and Lukas Illa. I met them when they were only freshmen! I am so impressed by their drive and resilience to go above and beyond. I cannot emphasize how much they've inspired me to break boundaries and dream big.

Senate holds a special place in my heart because of senators like them. I'm so blown away by everyone's ability in Senate to make things happen. Senate AMAZES me in every way possible, and I also treasure the bonding events that we've had together. I am forever grateful for those I've worked with to make the campus a better place.

Campus Partnerships

I applied for the internship position at the ASUW Campus Partnership because I want to be a part of an entity to increase transparency and awareness for students about entities and organizations on campus that addresses their needs.

Prior to earning the position, I networked and connected with Nicole From, the Assistant Director of the ASUW Office and Outreach Involvement. I shared with her my passion and interest in building collaborations with healthcare organizations on campus. That's when I first heard about the ASUW Campus Partnerships internship position, and she encouraged me to apply for it. I learned that this opportunity relates to my goal of fostering conversations with several entities around the topics of student physical and mental health. So I went ahead and applied for the position during the Fall of 2020, and got the role.

With my experience in interviewing stakeholders and conducting data analysis, I dedicated my time to contributing to discussions related to student health and wellness, as well as establishing a wellness campaign initiative with campus partners.

After identifying the needs of navigating student safety resources, I built an all-in-one-place web content safety resource guide for 40K+ UW students to access.

I am very grateful for the support Waleed Khan (Director of ASUW Campus Partnerships) has provided throughout my internship experience. Thank you so much, Waleed!

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