Why I joined both the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) & the Chinese Student Association (CSA):

My parents are immigrants from China and Vietnam. They came to the USA to fulfill their American Dream. As a result, I live comfortably but I have lost a part of my cultural identity while living in America. I want to embrace my culture and be more in tune with my Chinese and Vietnamese values while still recognizing my American beliefs. I also wanted to join CSA/VSA to find a supportive community and surround myself with individuals who come from similar backgrounds as I did.

How CSA/VSA relates to my educational goals:


My first meeting at VSA will forever be unforgettable.

Right when I transferred to UW, I found a community and home within VSA. There's so much energy from this group! I VIBE with it! Meeting with the VSA people has been a BLAST. They bring so much joy and vitality to the team. They make me feel EXCITED each day. I am so incredibly impressed by how the executives have led the programming and operations of the organization.

VSA made me feel proud to be Vietnamese, and I treasure the memories I've had with the people here close to my heart. ❤️


My First Lantern Festival & Dumpling Night Experience at CSA

I love that CSA is constantly promoting and organizing large cultural events and interactive activities on campus on an annual basis. I attended their Lantern Festival during the Fall quarter, and the Dumpling Night during the winter, which has given me nostalgic feelings.



I appreciate all the leaders from the CSA team. The event organizers, especially, have designed and delivered a warm, fuzzy, uplifting feeling for students like me. Thank you so much, CSA! I also appreciate the support you have given me. ❤️

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